What has the TOPX Network app to offer you?

Only TOPX members have access to this inclusive app. It provides you the unique and perfect opportunity to stay in touch with other members via "Meet Members". Here you can easily connect with other members, chat and even schedule meetings with each other! 

Additionally, the app includes functions that provide you an overview of the upcomping online meetings, member benefits and much more! Take a sneak preview on the right. 

*Connect with other TOPX members*

*Discover your membership benefits*

*Read inspirational interviews* 

*Be aware of the upcoming online meetings* 

How to download the TOPX Network app

  1. Search for “The Event App by EventsAir” in your app store or scan the applicable QR code on the right.

  2. The first time you open the app, you have to enter this code: topxmember

  3. Log-in with your personal log-in details that you received in an e-mail from topx@hyphenprojects.nl

If you encounter any problems with downloading the app, please let us know via topx@hyphenprojects.nl or call T: +31 35 303 03 43. Also if you have any other questions regarding TOPX, feel free to contact us. 


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