What does a TOPX Membership include?

TOPX Network

Unique and valuable network for women in leadership roles or with leadership ambitions in Life Sciences.

As member you are automatically part of this network!

TOPX Summit

On 18-19 January 2024, the TOPX Summit will be hosted in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

As member you receive 50% discount on your TOPX Summit ticket!

TOPX Meetings

Year-round online meetings that include expert talks with ample room for interaction and networking sessions.

As member you can attend the meetings for free!

TOPX Membership registration

The membership fee for TOPX Network is € 495 (excl. VAT) a year. You will receive your invoice in a separate email after you have signed up. A TOPX membership is an a yearly base and will be renewed automatically unless you resign for the upcoming year. For further information, please see our terms and conditions.

How to justify becoming a member of TOPX Network? 

If you want to register, but need approval from your manager? Try sending the template letter here. You might also want to peruse this website with your supervisor to give him/her a better idea of what the TOPX Summit is all about. 

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