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TOPX Network aims to create a unique and valuable network for ambitious women in Life Sciences. Our mission is to support and encourage our members in their personal growth and development and empower them to take on leadership roles. So, they reach the top of their career, as well as the top of the sector! Our network features inspiring, strong and successful women, in various career stages, who seek advancement in leadership, management or entrepreneurial roles in industry and academia in Life Sciences. Furthermore, we also welcome top women who already made it to the top (of their career and sector) to share their experience with the younger generations. Read more >>

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TOPX Summit

On 18-19 January, the next edition of TOPX Summit took place in Utrecht, focusing on the theme Closing the Gap.

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TOPX Meetings

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TOPX Network Session | 11 June 2024 | EY, Amsterdam

TOPX Network Meeting: Raising Finance and Beyond

Central to the Life Sciences & Health industries’ success  and effective growth from an early-stage venture into a more mature, established enterprise, is efficient management of funding and finance processes. This session delves into the intricate web of funding strategies, encompassing both non-dilutive and dilutive avenues, and explores the evolution of finance departments and related processes in response to funding milestones. 

Read more about this session here.

TOPX Summit 2024 - Closing the Gap

TOPX Summit 2024 took place on 18 January at Jaarbeurs Supernova and on 19 January at Accelerator of Kadans in Utrecht.

With the mission to create a more diverse and inclusive top tier of professionals in the sector, TOPX Summit 2024 focused on "Closing the Gap" in various fields. We discussed several crucial themes such as leadership balance, fostering alignment in perspectives between different genders, generations and cultures, and tackled critical issues such as closing the gender health gap, the pay gap and the wealth gap.

TOPX Summit 2024 offered two days of inspiring keynote presentations, insightful sessions, interactive workshops, engaging panel discussions, deep dives, 1-on-1 speed dates, coaching sessions and invaluable networking opportunities with accomplished and upcoming leaders.

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TOPX Summit 2024 Aftermovie

If you have missed TOPX Summit 2024 or want to relive the experience, take a look at our aftermovie!

TOPX Inner Circles (TIC)

TOPX Network is excited to launch a new initiative: TOPX Inner Circles (TIC). TIC aims to create peer groups, forming circles of trust where you can collaborate, support each other, and propel your careers to new heights in the Life Sciences & Health industry.

Read more about TIC here.

The TOPX Females to Follow awards are an initiative of TOPX Network and Hyphen Projects. The aim of this award is to give promising female talents visibility, honour outstanding women in Life Sciences & Health,  celebrate the accomplishments of them, and, by doing so, inspire the next generation to follow their footsteps.

In total, 30 amazing females professionals are nominated for the TOPX Females to Follow Awards and 3 of them are announced as the winners of 2024!

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  • We empower you to take on or grow in leadership roles in Life Sciences organisations;
  • Via our supportive community, you gain new and valuable connections with other ambitious female professionals;
  • Gain knowledge about how to achieve excellence in your professional environment, overcome (gender-related) boundaries and adversity;
  • We provide you with the tools needed to improve your personal and soft skills to elevate you and your career;
  • Learning, networking, mentoring and inspiring is at the heart of our community, and you will enjoy this at all our events;
  • Receive monthly updates about career opportunities and special member discounts;
  • Gain year-round access to our online networking platform and our ever-growing community.

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