Female professionals make up a big part of the workforce and talent pool in Life Sciences. But the higher you get to the top of organisations, the fewer women you will find. Many of us in the Life Sciences sector feel this should change because we collectively believe that a more diverse and inclusive top will improve the performance of organisations! That is why we launched TOPX Network - the Platform for ambitious women in Life Sciences.

TOPX Network aims to create a unique and valuable network for ambitious women in Life Sciences. Our mission is to support and encourage our members in their personal growth and development and empower them to take on leadership roles. So, they reach the top of their career, as well as the top of the sector!

Our network features inspiring, strong and successful women who seek advancement in leadership, management or entrepreneurial roles in industry and academia in Life Sciences. Furthermore, we also welcome top women who already made it to the top (of their career and sector) to share their experience with the younger generations.


TOPX Summit is an initiative of Hyphen Projects.

Hyphen Projects is a private company that designs, develops and delivers conferences, summits, career events and courses for the Life Sciences sector. We have experience with organising in-person meetings as well as online meetings. Our dedicated team has strong expertise in project management, marketing & communication and excellent organisational skills. We combine this with an extensive network and insights into the Life Sciences sector.

For more information about Hyphen Projects, visit our website www.hyphenprojects.nl.

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