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Connecting ambitious women in Life Sciences!

TOPX offers a unique and valuable network for women in leadership roles or with leadership ambitions in Life Sciences. Our mission is to support and encourage women in their personal growth and career development and to empower them to reach the top of their own career as well as the top in the sector.

TOPX particularly welcomes women who are seeking advancement in leadership, science, management or entrepreneurial roles in industry or academia in Life Sciences. If you recognize yourself in this, then join us!


TOPX member benefits:

  • Various member discounts on other events and courses of Hyphen Projects and others (only for Full Members);

  • Possibility to join TOPX Inner Circles (only for Full Members);

  • Possibility to apply for speaking opportunities at TOPX events (only for Full Members);
  • Possibility to volunteer to be a co-moderator for TOPX events (only for Full Members);

  • Possibility to share news or vacancies with other TOPX members via the TOPX newsletter (only for Full Members);
  • Get updates on available leadership job positions in Life Sciences.

TOPX Network

Unique and valuable network for women in leadership roles or with leadership ambitions in Life Sciences.

As member you are automatically part of this network!

TOPX Summit

On 18-19 January 2024 the next edition of TOPX Summit will take place in the Accelerator in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The theme is Closing the Gap.

As member you receive 50% discount on your TOPX Summit ticket!
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TOPX Meetings

Year-round online and real life meetings that include expert talks with ample room for interaction and networking sessions.

As member you can attend these meetings for free!
Check out the event calendar here >>


You can choose between two different memberships: full and light memberships. 

You will receive your invoice in a separate email after you have signed up. For further information, please see our terms and conditions.


 Free access to TOPX network meetings

 Free access to TOPX online events

  Possibility to join TOPX Inner Cycle

 50% Discount on TOPX Summit

 Discount on other Hyphen Projects events

 Speaking opportunities at Hyphen Projects events

 Share news

Share vacancies

Annual fee: € 495 (excl. VAT)


 Free access to TOPX network meeting

 Free access to TOPX online events

  50% Discount on TOPX Summit

Annual fee: € 350 (excl. VAT)


 Free access to online events for 1 month

 Free access to network meetings for 1 month

1 month fee: € 75 (excl. VAT)

Welcome gift for full members:

Become part of our ever-growing TOPX Network today and receive the book 'Lean in' from Sheryl Sandberg! 


Sheryl Sandberg is COO at Facebook, and in her book, she talks with humour and wisdom about her own decisions, mistakes, and the daily struggle to make the right choice for herself, her career, and her family. 

Sign up now and enjoy reading in your vacation!

Why become a TOPX Network member?

  • Connect and interact with female leaders in industry and science, learn from their experiences and their bumpy road to success.
  • Feel empowered to take or grow in your expert and/or leadership role in Life Sciences.
  • Gain new and valuable connections with other female professionals in the LSH sector.
  • Improve your personal and soft skills and learn to play to your strenghts.
  • Understand how to achieve excellence in your professional environment, overcome (gender-related) boundaries and adversity. 
  • Enjoy learning, networking, inspiration and mentorship at our various online and offline events.
  • Year-round access to the online TOPX Network platform.

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