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Sustainability in Healthcare

Powered by Johnson & Johnson

10:45 - 11:45 - Feest Zaal

In this session, we will discuss the environmental impact of healthcare, with a particular emphasis on the impact of clinical research and emerging issues of electronic waste from the growing use of digital health technologies.  We will explore opportunities for collaborations between hospitals and other healthcare providers with industry and academia to co-create solutions for reducing environmental impact.  Collaborative opportunities to be discussed include activities performed in clinical trial conduct, how to (re)design medical devices to allow for reuse and recycling, and how waste materials are collected and dispositioned in the operating theatre.

Hugo Touw
Intensivist, Radboudumc

Jason LaRoche
Director Janssen Clinical Innovation, Johnson & Johnson

Conny Bakker
Professor, TU Delft

Tamara Hoveling
PhD Researcher, TU Delft

Willem de Vocht
Senior Manager Strategic Alliances, Johnson & Johnson


Ecosystem Building - US and Dutch Perspectives

Powered by argenx & Health~Holland

10:30 - 11:45 - Jurriaanse Zaal

The "Ecosystem Building – US and Dutch Perspectives" session offers a unique and insightful exploration of innovation ecosystems in the life sciences & healthcare sector, drawing on the experiences and perspectives of the US and the Dutch ecosystems. This session brings together key stakeholders, thought leaders, and innovators to compare and contrast the approaches, challenges, and successes in fostering collaborative environments that drive healthcare innovation on both sides of the Atlantic. The session will inspire the attendees to think beyond borders, fostering a mindset of collaboration and innovation that transcends geographical constraints.

Anant Murthy
Head of Europe, argenx


Hans Schikan 
Top Team Member Life Sciences & Health, Health~Holland


Jeanne LeClair
Vice President of Economic Development & Partnerships, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

Willem van Weperen
CEO, Pluvia Biotech

June Park
CEO, siRNAgen

Koenraad Wiedhaup
CEO, Leyden Labs

Responsible AI in Healthcare 

Powered by Convergence

10:30 - 11:45 - Van Beuningen Zaal

Artificial Intelligence holds out a promise for improvements in efficiency and scale for healthcare, helping us tackle the upcoming challenge of delivering the same (or better) care with fewer people. At the same time, the result is that systems we design have an enormous impact on people’s lives. Biases in these systems, an increase in opaque decision making, and designs where responsibility for mistakes seem to disappear are all dangers that we need to avoid. Increasing regulations further complicate the development and adoption of AI in healthcare, with challenges for sharing data and (partially) automating decision making. Finally, there is often a mismatch between the development and the clinic, leading to low adoption even of the tools that have managed to overcome hurdles. This session looks at the ethical, legal and clinical aspects of AI development and use in healthcare. These have to come together in the design of AI innovations to ensure that we can use these technologies responsibly.

Evert Stamhuis
Academic Director Master Law & Technology, Erasmus School of Law

Stefan Buijsman
Assistant Professor Philosophy of Technology, TU Delft

Peter van der Spek
Professor at Department of Pathology & Clinical Bioinformatics, Erasmus MC

Breaking Boundaries in Oncology

Powered by MSD

10:30 - 11:45 - Van Capellen Zaal

This session will delve into the forefront of cancer therapy, pushing the limits of innovation to redefine the landscape of cancer treatment with a.o. immune oncology. This dynamic session gives stage to innovators from various backgrounds: from young companies, to pharmaceutical industry and academia to share and explore groundbreaking advancements that challenge traditional boundaries in the fight against cancer.

Yvonne McGrath
CSO, iTeos Therapeutics

Bastiaan van der Baan
CEO, Lixte Biotechnology

Michel de Baar
Executive Director, BD&L - Infectious Diseases & Vaccines, CardioMetabolic- and Immunology Diseases, MSD

Jan Molenaar
Prinicipal Investigator, Prinses Máxima Centrum

Bruno Bruins
Former Minister of Health

Session Moderator

AI Meets Health

12:00 - 12:45 - Jurriaanse Zaal

AI holds enormous promise for healthcare. In this session we will hear from three different speakers who are all working on the forefront of science and applying AI to improve health outcomes. We invite you to embark on a journey into the cutting-edge intersection of artificial intelligence and healthcare, a fascinating realm. You will gain insights from experts into real-world applications, success stories, and ongoing research initiatives that highlight the potential of AI to drive innovation and improve patient outcomes.

Misha Luyer
Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology

Eva van Rikxoort
CEO, Thirona

Stan Wang
CEO & Founder, Thymmune Therapeutics

Esther Peters
Director, Leiden Bio Science Park


Harnessing the Power of DEI

Powered by TOPX Network

12:00 - 12:45 - Feest Zaal

TOPX is a network that aims to create a unique and valuable network for ambitious women in Life Sciences & Health. This Diversity & Inclusion Session of TOPX Network at Innovation for Health is a dedicated forum designed to spotlight the critical role of diversity and inclusion in fostering innovation within the healthcare and life sciences sectors. In this session, we will bring female and male leaders to discuss the crucial role that diversity and inclusion play on forming the organizational culture, leadership, cultural competence, intersectionality in healthcare and breaking barriers.

Minmin Yen
CEO & Co-Founder, PhagePro

Ana Maiques
CEO, Neuroelectrics

Eline van Beest
CEO, Hybridize Therapeutics & Venture Partner, Thuja Capital

Marco Fossatelli
Country Manager BeNeLux & International DEI Lead, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Laura Duran
International Relations Manager, Health~Holland


Financing Strategies for Innovation

Powered by Catalyze

12:00 - 12:45 - Van Capellen Zaal

Many researchers and biotech companies have groundbreaking ideas with the potential for significant societal impact. Regrettably, a considerable portion of these concepts fail to materialize into tangible products accessible to customers, patients, and society at large, primarily due to insufficient financing for product development. In this session, we aim to provide comprehensive insights into various financing strategies available to early-stage innovators to facilitate the transition of their innovations to the market. Drawing upon exemplary cases from Catalyze clients, we will illustrate best practices and provide insights on Dilutive and non-dilutive financing strategies throughout this journey to market realization.

Marlene Végh
CEO, Catalyze

Evelyne Klaassen
Managing Consultant, Catalyze

Innovate with Confidence: Cybersecurity and Regulatory compliance affairs in Healthcare

Powered by Deloitte

12:00 - 12:45 - Van Beuningen Zaal

This session is an interactive dialogue aimed at conference attendees interested in the convergence of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance within the health sector. Experts will deliver succinct presentations on the most recent trends in healthcare cybersecurity and the primary issues surrounding regulatory compliance, each concluding with a question to prompt audience reflection. Participants will have the opportunity to assess their organization's cybersecurity awareness using the Deloitte Human Risk Self-Assessment tool, followed by group discussions to share strategies and best practices, with experts offering insights on effective methods and potential pitfalls. Additionally, the session will explore a common healthcare scenario to address the complexities of regulatory compliance, inviting attendees to discuss their strategic approaches and learn from expert analyses. The session wraps up with experts summarizing the key actionable insights that practitioners can take back to their organizations, reinforcing the necessity of a proactive approach in managing cybersecurity threats and compliance obligations.

Ansa Wasim
Senior Manager | Global Innovation and Investment, Deloitte

Sarah Kolen
Cyber Strategy Consultant, Deloitte

Fiona Moreno
Cyber Strategy Consultant, Deloitte

Frans Breuer
Senior Manager, Deloitte

Frits Stulp
Partner Risk Advisory, Deloitte

Scale-up Presentations - Companies Pushing Boundaries in Healthcare

13:45 - 14:30 - Jurriaanse Zaal

Meet the growing companies that are pushing boundaries to improve patients’ perspectives. Scale-up presentations are an important part of the Innovation for Health programme by offering visionary entrepreneurs and innovators the stage to showcase their company and their solution for the patients. This session is an opportunity for the Innovation for Health attendees to glean inspiration from real-world examples of healthcare innovation.

Noud Steffens

Noud Steffens
CCO, HaermonicsHearmonics

Fleur Pasman
COO, Noory

Chris Cardon

Chris Cardon
CEO, ZiphiusZiphius

Herman Feil
CFO, Alloksysalloksys

Mike de Leeuw
CEO, MyLife Technologies

Bringing Health Tech Innovations to Homes - the Perspective of Patients and Healthcare Professionals

Powered by UMC Utrecht

13:45 - 14:30 - Van Beuningen Zaal

Due to demographic developments capacity problems in healthcare are expected to grow dramatically. Especially the increase of aged citizens and consequently raising numbers of frail older patients fuel the need for transformation in healthcare provision. This pressing need explains the considerable ‘hype’ around digital innovation promising to solve the future healthcare problems. And that digital solutions, such as remote monitoring technology, can be easily embedded into care processes, either in hospital or at home. 

Yet, the reality is quite challenging. During this session, a patient representative, a technical physician and GP-researchers of the UMC Utrecht Therapy@Home research team will provide an in-depth view on hurdles and lessons learned while setting-up an acute home-based collaborative network care intervention managing real patients with acute respiratory tract infection, including the administration of oxygen and other medications at home, along with remote monitoring with spot checks of vital signs and symptoms. On top of this, we piloted 24/7 vital signs monitoring at home with new sensor technology. This interactive session will start with some short presentations sharing results followed by a moderated discussion with the audience.  

Dorien Zwart
Professor of General Practice/Family Medicine, UMC Utrecht

Martine Breteler
Medical Technologist, UMC Utrecht

Josi Boeijen
GP Trainee & PhD Student, UMC Utrecht

Elisabeth Vreede-Chabot 
Patient Representative

Join us to Outsmart Cancer & Impact Lives 

Powered by Oncode Accelerator

13:45 - 14:30 - Feest Zaal

This spring you can join us in our endeavour to outsmart cancer & impact lives. With the opening of our first call, we start welcoming proposals from companies and academic institutes to run projects through our innovative preclinical drug development pipeline. If accepted, we provide co-funding for your project. During this session, our CEO Arnoud Huisman will update you on the progress of our programme. Next, we showcase an inspiring international example of innovative preclinical drug development from Cancer Research UK, followed by a more detailed presentation of the added value of one of our innovation platforms. The session will be concluded by our COO Friso Smit, who will share the setup and conditions of the call, followed by a short Q&A. Join our session, be inspired and to learn how to get involved!

Arnoud Huisman
CEO & Chairman of the Board, Oncode Accelerator

Friso Smit
Program Director & COO, Oncode Accelerator

Rob Williams
Chief Drug Development Scientist, Cancer Research UK

Jarno Drost
Group Leader, Princess Maxima Center

Mark Krul
CSO, Oncode Accelerator

Demystifying IP Due Diligence – Critical Aspects When Assessing a Patent Portfolio 

Powered by NLO

13:45 - 14:30 - Van Capellen Zaal

A brief introduction to the basic principles of IP due diligence for investors, for example, and how pharma and life sciences companies can improve on IP due diligence readiness. This will set the stage for the main topic of this session: key IP due diligence aspects to consider when preparing for investments. NLO will cover various topics which are vital to ensure that IP due diligence is achieved successfully. This checklist is based on real-life experience relating to ownership, freedom-to-operate, patent strategy, and other IP-related legal issues.

Barend Bouma
European Patent Attorney & Associate Partner, NLO

Ben Brigou
European Patent Attorney & Associate Partner, NLO

Mergers & Acquisitions: Lessons Learned

15:00 - 16:00 - Jurriaanse Zaal

Mergers & Acquisitions and strategic partnerships between biotech and pharma have traditionally been a significant catalyst in driving innovation and growth. As such, business deals can be equally important as scientific breakthroughs. This panel session serves as a valuable platform to share insights, challenges, experiences and success stories from those who have navigated the complex journey of M&A successfully.

Tol Trimborn
Venture Partner, bioqube ventures

Peter van de Sande
CEO, SynAffix

Jan De Kerpel
Managing Director, Head of Life Science & Healthcare, Van Lanschot Kempen

Sanne Weijzen
VP Corporate Strategy and Head EU Operations, Neogene Therapeutics

André van de Sande
Chairman and Board Member

Session Leader

Biology Meets Technology

15:00 - 16:00 - Van Beuningen Zaal

Immerse yourself into the future of healthcare – where biology meets technology. In this session, we will highlight inspiring innovations at the intersection of these two dynamic fields. The speakers will showcase how their cutting-edge technological advancements are reshaping the landscape of healthcare. Join this fascinating session that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Eliane Schutte
CEO, Xeltis

Jolanda Kluin
Professor, Erasmus MC

Ana Maiques
CEO, Neuroelectrics

Cinzia Silvestri
CEO, Bi/ond

Carl Moons
Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, UMC Utrecht


Sustainable Therapy Development: Bridging R&D and Access

Powered by FAST

15:00 - 16:15 - Feest Zaal

Therapy developers must deal with a wide range of challenges to bring a potential treatment to patients. Developers in the early preclinical phase run into completely different issues compared to developers working on the phase of market/patient access. Bringing together these different worlds can help in improving the success rate, speeding up the process and making the development more sustainable.

In this session, powered by the Centre for Future Affordable & Sustainable Therapy development (FAST), we will focus on building bridges between the early phase of development and the late phase with access for patients. We will focus on dilemmas in decision making, culture and collaboration on both early and late phase of the therapy development chain and look for opportunities to strengthen the bridge between both worlds by challenging both sides to step into each other’s shoes.

FAST’s is core activity is to strengthen innovations that offer opportunities to improve therapy development, where the Netherlands can excel and take a leading position. This session aims to inspire the community of therapy developers and come to new approaches how to strengthen the Dutch ecosystem based on experts who will show the attendees where successful opportunities for improvement can be found in other countries.

Paul Korte
Board Member, FAST


Clemence Ross-van Dorp
Board Member, FAST


Karla van Rooijen
Director of Pharmaceutical Affairs & Medical Technology, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports

Sahar van Waalwijk van Doorn-Khosrovani
Pharmacist, CZ

Katrien Reynders-Frederix
Managing Director, Falcon Bio & Board Member, HollandBIO

Julien Patris
Head of Patient Advocacy, argenx

Marcelien Callenbach
PhD candidate, Utrecht University

Start-up Pitches

Powered by AXON Lawyers

15:00 - 16:00 - Van Capellen Zaal

An exciting part of the programme of Innovation for Health is the annual pitch finale of the Global Investor Forum. 9 out of 30 start-up companies will be selected to present their company and their innovation for human health to the audience of the conference. Join this pitch session an co-decide with the jury which of these young companies will take home the “AXON Innovation for Health Award 2024”.

Lisanne Blauw
Lisanne Blauw
Thuja Capital

Jaap de Bruin
FIRST fund at BioGeneration Ventures

View all start-ups that are pitching at Global Investor Forum here. 

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