Innovation for Health offers early-career scientists the opportunity to get visibility for their research, expand their professional network, connect with key players and gain insight in the vibrant Life Sciences & Health industry.

If you you are a PhD student or a postdoc working on an innovative research project in Life Sciences & Health, you have the option to present your research via a poster presentation to the audience of Innovation for Health on 28 March 2024 and connect with key players in Life Sciences & Health. 

Applications are closed. The deadline for 2025 will be announced soon. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates for the next edition of Innovation for Health.

Sponsor Award

Besides the opportunity to expand your professional network and attend the programme of this conference, you can also win the prize for the I4H Poster Award, which is €1.000! The Best Poster Award of Innovation for Health 2024 is sponsored by Genmab


All research projects in the field of Life Sciences & Healthcare. 

Registration Fee

The fee to present your research with a poster presentation for the next edition will be announced soon.

Who is eligible for submission?

You are eligible for a Poster Presentation during Innovation for Health if you belong to one of these categories:

  • PhD student
  • Postdoc
  • An active contributor of the project that is presented
  • Available to present your research in person on the conference day

How can I submit an abstract?

For the 2024 edition, applications are closed. The deadline for 2025 will be announced soon. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates for the next edition of Innovation for Health.

Winner Poster Award 2024:

Astrid van Barneveld - PhD Student, Princess Maxima Center

Jury members Poster Award 2024:

Hanneke Takkenberg
Professor, Erasmus MC & RSM

Tom Oostrom
Managing Director, Dutch Kidney Foundation and Vice Chair Advisory board Health~Holland

Nettie Buitelaar
Managing Director, Biotech Booster

Liana Steeghs
Director Alliance Management, Genmab

Poster Presenters 2024:

Lucie Descamps
Postdoctoral Researcher, Eindhoven University of Technology

Laila Mouwen
Research Fellow, Zorgbegrijpen

Edgar Alberto Alcala Orozco
PhD Researcher, Max Planck Institute

Amber Wezenaar
PhD Student, Princess Maxima Center

Marijn Peters
Postdoctoral Researcher, Eindhoven University of Technology

Hafize Demirci
PhD Candidate, Amsterdam UMC

Maryam Ijadpanahsaravi
PhD Candidate, Utrecht University

Klaudia Jurczak
PhD Researcher, University of Groningen

Fleur Marijinissen
PhD Researcher, Erasmus MC

Nadzeya Staliarova
PhD Candidate, Utrecht University

Savine Martens
PhD Student, LUMC

Silvia Neri
PhD Student, Sanquin

Mikolaj Szachniewicz
PhD Student, LUMC

Astrid van Barneveld
PhD Student, Princess Maxima Center

The Innovation for Health conference provides a perfect and broad showcase of current developments in Health Care. An excellent opportunity to match these developments with your research activities.

Attendee 2020

Guidelines for submitting an abstract

  • To register for the call for abstracts the participants needs to fill in the abstract submission form
  • Your abstract should be written in English  
  • Abstract is a max. of 300 words  
  • Besides your abstract text, you can submit your poster in PDF

Poster guidelines to presenters

Showcase the overall context of your research and how your results fit in. Focus on the overall scientific/societal problem, the possibilities to solves this, what the contribution of your research is to solving this problem and how your data supports the solution.

+ A0 format, portrait
+ Written in English in a manner that can be understood by educated lay people. Jargon should be avoided.
+ The texts are written in a way that is easily readable, preferably in short sentences and using bullet lists.
+ Font not smaller than 24
+ The headline of the poster consists of a title, summary, names of authors and the organization
+ Figures, tables and graphs are labeled and contain only information that is relevant to the text.
+ The poster should have no unnecessary distractions or embellishments


If you have questions regarding the Poster Presentations, reach out to

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