This year Innovation for Health has taken a unique approach by highlighting the intersection of art, health, and technology by inviting the groundbreaking generative AI artist Bernardus Muller who displayed his impressive collection of artwork generated by AI and Bertrand Burgers who exhibited Intimate Implant - an interactive art experience that helps people establish an emotional relationship with their implant.

Bernardus Muller: Generative AI Artist

Bernard Muller is a former entrepreneur turned pioneering AI artist after being diagnosed with ALS in 2010. Having founded biotech company Treeway, co-created the genomic research Project MinE, and initiated the ALS Investment Fund to fight the disease, he now harnesses the power of eye-gaze technology to create compelling art. His journey from biotech to the art world epitomizes resilience, proving that when eyes speak, both art and life listen.

Through his unique and astoundingly creative work that represents the intersection of technology and creativity, we see the promise of artificial intelligence to open new pathways for innovation and the exploration of new channels to create art.

For more information, visit his website.

                                       The Gastro Intestinal System

The Muscular System

The Integumentary System

Bertrand Burgers: Intimate Implant

Growing a new heart valve, meniscus, or palate on your own? To achieve this, scientists are developing so-called regenerative implants: a new type of implant that breaks down and is replaced by new, natural tissue. But what if a patient does not accept the implant as part of themselves or even mistrusts it? That could hinder a successful treatment. Intimate Implant is an interactive art experience that helps people establish an emotional relationship with their implant, thereby increasing feelings of acceptance and the likelihood of a successful treatment.

Bertrand Burgers is an artistic designer working at the intersection of art/design, technology/science and ethics/society. His projects share the common goal of contributing to building a better future for all of humanity.

For more information, visit his website.

                                                  Intimate Implant

Call for Artists: Bridging Health, Art, and Technology at Innovation for Health

Innovation for Health is a unique platform that brings together leaders, visionaries, and creators at the forefront of healthcare advancements. This year, we are dedicated to exploring the powerful connection between healthcare, art, and technology.

Are you an artist passionate about the intersection of healthcare, art, and technology and would you like to showcase your innovative work at the upcoming edition of Innovation for Health? You can reach out to us at

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