Termeer Fellows at Innovation for Health

A dynamic delegation hailing from the innovation hubs of Boston, the West Coast and Barcelona joined us this year at Innovation for Health, together with the Termeer Fellows based in the Netherlands and Belgium, to foster collaboration between the life sciences ecosystems across different parts of globe.

The programme included many additions such as presenting the Henri Termeer Transatlantic Connection Award, which is established by The Termeer Foundation, in partnership with Health~Holland, to honor and recognize two emerging biotech entrepreneurs: one in Massachusetts and one in the Netherlands, as well as the pitches of start- and scale-ups from the Boston Ecosystem.

Honouring the spirit of collaboration across ecosystems, the following forward-thinking leaders and companies made their mark on the conference: Gensaic,  CILA Therapeutics, Mahzi Therapeutics, Thymmune Therapeutics, GRO Biosciences, Neuroelectrics, PhagePro, Agomab Therapeutics, Bi/ond Solutions, siRNAgen, and Rhythm Pharmaceuticals.

With the convergence of these influential minds, Innovation for Health 2024 was a remarkable edition for a cross-pollination of ideas and catalyzing the future of healthcare.

Lavi Erisson

Lavi Erisson

CEO & Co-Founder, Gensaic

Safia Rizvi

CEO, CILA Therapeutics

Yael Weiss

CEO, Mahzi Therapeutics

Stan Wang

CEO & Founder, Thymmune Therapeutics

Dan Mandell

CEO & Co-Founder, GRO Biosciences

Ana Maiques

CEO, Neuroelectrics

Minmin Yen

CEO & Co-Founder, PhagePro

Tim Knotnerus

CEO, Agomab Therapeutics

Cinzia Silvestri

CEO & Founder, Bi/Ond

June Park

CEO, siRNAgen

Claudine van der Sande

Vice President & Head of CHI Program, Rhythm Pharmaceuticals

Kasper Roet

CEO & Founder, QurAlis

The Termeer Foundation

The Termeer Foundation is a nonprofit organization working to connect and promote the world of healthcare innovators until every patient has a cure. We understand that bringing new treatments to patients is grueling work with a low probability of success – nearly 90% of drug candidates fail to reach the market. We believe we can improve these odds by positively impacting the human variables in healthcare. We are committed to continuing Henri Termeer’s legacy of leadership success by infusing and sustaining the pipeline of current and future leaders to increase the probability of solving healthcare’s greatest challenges. Our supports include mentoring, networking, professional development, and financial grants intended to facilitate connections, break down silos, strengthen skillsets and ultimately enable a diverse array of current and future biotech leaders who bring much-needed treatments to patients.

The Termeer Foundation Representatives at Innovation for Health 

 Belinda Termeer

President, Co-Founder, Member of the Board of Directors, Termeer Foundation

Catharine Smith

Executive Director, Termeer Foundation

Erica Mawby-Roche

Senior Director of Programs, Termeer Foundation

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