Since 2008, we have had the pleasure of teaching over 750+ international talents through BioBusiness Summer School and they have rewarded us by grading the summer school with an average of 9,0 out of 10 and giving us incredible feedback like “eye-opener to industry”, “very rich content and incredible quality of the speakers”, “an absolute must for every biomedical researcher”, “very intense week with a lot of knowledge that was completely new to me, but super valuable to determine my view on the industry”, “a potentially life changing experience for my future career”, “thought-provoking and an excellent environment for learning”, “these are not the things you can learn from books”, “excellent business school perfectly adapted to life science people, with top-notch speakers which allows for great networking opportunities”.

Read below testimonials we received from some of our alumni and discover how they have experienced the BioBusiness Summer School:

What comes next? If you do not know what to do after your PhD or MSc in Life Science and are curious about options outside academia then I highly recommend the #BioBusinessSummerSchool by Hyphen Projects. I attended the amazing program learning about enterpreneurship, financing, business models/strategies and listened to very inspiring speakers working as business developer, consultant, scientist, analyst at venture captials, patent attorney, in marketing, or as CDOs, CFOs, and CEOs

by Lisanne Hameleers, Attendee 2023

Last week was very inspiring! I had the opportunity to participate in the BioBusiness Summer School offered by Hyphen Projects to learn more about the many opportunities outside the academic sphere. I am very grateful for all the great talks but also to have met and exchanged thoughts with like-minded people in the field.

by Rana Ramadan Attendee 2023

This week was fulfilling. It was an excellent platform for me to explore career opportunities in Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology sectors, network with the attendees/speakers and gain a broad perspective towards career transition. We had intriguing discussions on business development, finance/venture capital, patent law, consulting and entrepreneurship.

by Prateek Chawla, Attendee 2023

I'm truly grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from the top specialists, business developers, CEOs, and CFOs of the Dutch industry who generously shared their expertise. Throughout the program, we delved into various angles of the entrepreneurship, including business modeling, patenting, venture capital, partnering strategies, finance, marketing, and business development. Moreover, it has been eye-opening to see this amazing variety of opportunities for life science PhDs (and non-PhDs) with purely academic background and learn about the diversity of career paths.

by Valeria Saar-Kovrov Attendee 2023

What made the experience even more amazing was the chance to connect with fellow scientists who are equally passionate about diving into the BioBusiness industry. I also had the privilege of meeting so many industry leaders and entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds, all of whom have taken their precious time to share with us invaluable insights and experiences from their unique career paths.

Attending this program has not only given me a solid foundation in BioBusiness but has also opened up exciting career opportunities in the life science and biotech sector. For any life scientist curious about what's there outside of academia, I highly recommend joining this course!

by Tsz Hong (Jason) Tsang, Attendee 2023

It was an incredible opportunity to connect with professional doing some amazing work in the Life Science and Biotech field. Thank you Hypen Projects for organising this very interactive Summer School, and giving me the opportunity to gain insight from experienced professionals in the bio business field and learn from their stories. Highly recommend any life science graduate who wants to transition into industry.

by Bhagyashree Mulay, Attendee 2023

The biobusiness summer school enriched my vision on the possibilities after doing a PhD outside of academia. It got me excited for a future in biobusiness and guided me in my future process of job hunting

„Super insightful, awesome speakers and nice atmosphere“!!

Very good insights from industry experts that you do not get from your phd program

The best place to see how Science looks like from a business lenses 

„Super insightful, awesome speakers and nice atmosphere“!!

A great opportunity to look beyond academia into the world of life sciences!

I arrived confused about what to do, I left having a clear career vision and wanting to learn about finance, venture capital and aspiring to be a CEO.

Maya Wright, participant 2021

After a week of listening to inspiring life stories of the speakers, receiving tools and complete information about business in Life Sciences, and deep networking with participants and speakers, I feel motivated and prepared to invest in a successful career in industry.

Patrícia Varela, participant 2020

For me it has been a paradigm shifting experience. As a postdoctoral researcher who always worked in academia, I never knew about all the possible career paths that can be accessible with my skills and education. Now, I have a clearer view on this complex world.

Dario Melgari, participant 2019

The BioBusiness Summer School has been an eye-opening experience for me! It offered me an in-depth introduction into the concepts of Business and Finance in the Life Sciences. The energetic speakers greatly inspired my future career steps and gave me the confidence into continuing in the business field. I would absolutely recommend the summer school to anyone who is interested in a career outside academia, whether this is in the industry or business sectors. 

by Aimilia Lydia Kalafateli, Senior Scientist Bioscience
2021 BioBusiness Summer School Alumna

The BioBusiness Summer School online edition by Hyphen Projects was definitely an inspiring experience to me, regardless of the Corona crisis. The course content covered a wide spectrum of business aspects and was absolutely sufficient for beginners who show career interest in bio-industry. During the 5-day training, I got to familiarize with all possible career pathways out on the market, and have an overview of all knowledge and skill-sets necessary for a career shift from academia into industry. One of the most attractive features of this summer school was the interactive lectures with all invited industrial leaders and experts. Over its user-friendly platform, we as participants got to enjoy very decent discussions with the speakers. And through the encouraging spirit of all participants, moderators, and speakers, we actively built social connections on LinkedIn, this is definitely something I don't get to experience in many other summer schools happening in Germany. I am very impressed with the open-mindedness in the Netherlands.

by Tsung-Yen Wu, PhD candidate
2020 BioBusiness Summer School Alumnus

Due to the corona crisis, the 2020 edition of the BioBusiness Summer School was the first online edition of this course. The organizers and speakers adapted absolutely great to this situation to give the participants the best experience during this amazing week. It was a great opportunity to hear lectures about important aspects in the life sciences business like intellectual property rights, business development, regulatory affairs and finance models. The program was completed by helpful information about career options in the life sciences industry as well as advice for career planning and job applications. I would highly recommend this course to PhD students and Postdocs, especially those contemplating a career switch from academia to industry.

by Tamara Vanessa Werner, Postdoctoral researcher
2020 BioBusiness Summer School Alumna

These challenging times require young professionals to pave new paths and BioBusiness Summer School 2020 provided an excellent platform for them to get insights on life science industry, its innovation and hear inspiring stories of success.

by Anastasia Rumyantseva, PhD candidate
2020 BioBusiness Summer School Alumna

The BioBusiness Summer School was above my expectations. After a week of listening to inspiring life stories of the speakers, receiving tools and complete information about business in Life Sciences, and deep networking with participants and speakers, I feel motivated and prepared to invest in a successful career in industry.

by Patrícia Varela, Innovation Associate
2020 BioBusiness Summer School Alumna

"I attended the BioBusiness Summer School 2018 during the last months of my PhD mainly to explore different career possibilities beside academia. With its wonderful program and top-notch speakers, the course exceeded my expectations. I learn a lot about finances, business development and entrepreneurship. What I also appreciate is the informal setting of this event, which allowed us to interact with the speakers. This simulative environment was a key ingredient of the course. The incredible platform offered is extremely useful since it gave you the possibility to network with the people who are in the front line in the pharmaceutical industry, at any level. The organization was perfect from the very beginning prior the course started until it finished. After finishing the BioBusiness Summer School, I had more clear which possibilities I had and I start applying for jobs, mostly in the field of project management and Life Science consultancy. Since October 2018, I am working as Junior Consultant in the ProPharma Group (Leiden), where I am contributing to make a positive impact in the fields of (bio)pharmaceutical products and healthcare. I am confident that having attended the BioBusiness Summer School helped me in better understating the complex ecosystem of Life Science, increased my network and opened new opportunities for my career. I would strongly recommend to anyone considering leaving academia, and even to those who do not, to attend to the BioBusiness Summer School."

by Claudio Derada Troletti, Junior Consultant
2018 BioBusiness Summer School Alumnus

"I attended the BioBusiness Summer School, while finishing my MSc biology combined with a business track called Science Based Business. As stated by the organization, attending the BioBusiness Summer school boosts your business career in life sciences. For me, this one-week course influenced my career in a very positive way. It gave me insight and inspiration about a career in the life science industry and it provided sufficient network activities, which helped me to get a job as business developer for a medical technology company. The program offers the possibility to have social interaction and have shared experiences with people that have the same background and who are willing to pursue a business career in the life sciences. Besides the opportunity to interact, which is in my opinion the exclusivity of the programs that are offered by Hyphen projects, the program also touches upon the subjects needed to learn about the life science industry and entrepreneurship. This is supported with experiences from biggest names of the healthcare industry in the Netherlands who shared their successes and mistakes from their career. Currently, I’m working in an area where science and business are combined. Here, the connection with investors, medical professionals and technology experts must be made. I would highly recommend the BioBusiness Summer School to anyone who doubts to stay in the academia since the program will offer you the possibility to speak both the business as the scientific language."

by Lars Ottevanger, Co-founder SurGuide B.V.
2016 BioBusiness Summer School Alumnus

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