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BioBusiness Summer School helps its participants to obtain a broader overview of career options in BioBusiness, and possibly identify an interest in a specific field or firm that is previously unknown. Alumni of the BioBusiness Summer School pursue a wide range of career paths. Many of them currently work as scientists and in other roles in the life sciences industry. Some took on commercial roles in pharma or biotech companies or entered the consulting industry. A small but noticeable portion founded their own companies and became the CEO’s. There are also those who stay in the academia.

Example roles

To give you an idea, below are some examples of the roles currently held by the summer school alumni outside of academia:

  • Senior Scientist at Janssen Prevention Center
  • Senior Scientist at Ncardia
  • Scientist at Merus
  • Scientist at Genmab
  • Clinical Trial Manager at Hal Allergy Group
  • Scientific Project Manager at Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG)
  • Medical Manager Rheumatology at AbbVie
  • Product Manager at Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Product Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Sales and Application Specialist at GenDx
  • Associate Clinical Study Manager at Astellas
  • M&A Consultant at Ernst & Young
  • Senior associate at McKinsey
  • Business Developer Neuroscience at Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA)
  • CEO of Genevia Technologies Ltd
  • CEO of AgomAb Therapeutics
  • Founder & CEO at Axonova
  • Co-founder & COO at Peptone

For some personal stories from our alumni, please have a look at the testimonials written by them!

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