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Terms and Conditions for participants of the Dutch Medicines Days 2024, organised by FIGON and Hyphen Projects BV.

Section 1. Definitions

In this code of practice the following is meant by these terms:

a. The event: the Dutch Medicines Days which are planned on 16-17 October 2024 at Theatre De Lievekamp in Oss.

b. The organisation: Hyphen Projects B.V., who is wielding this code of practice.

c. The participant: the individual or legal person who agrees on participation with the organisation.

d. Participation costs: all costs that the participant is due to the organisation in connection with his participation in the event.


Section 2. Date, schedule and accommodation

a. The dates and the schedules of the event as well as the accommodations of the events are determined by the organisation.

b. The organisation has the right to change the fixed date(s), schedule(s) and/or accommodation(s) of the event or decide to cancel the event or take the event completely online, if, according to the organisation, special circumstances justify such a decision. 

c. By the special circumstances in the previous subsection are meant; (market) conditions, any direct or indirect result of an event beyond the control of the organizer, including without limitation, disease, epidemic, pandemic, strike, lock-out, industrial disturbance [etc....] and all other circumstances that, after weighing of interests, can endanger the success of the event according to the organisation. 

d. In case of a change in date, schedule and/or accommodation, the agreement of participation will remain in force unabridged. In the event that the organisation has to decide to cancel the event due to force majeure, in accordance with subsection b and if the circumstances prompt the organisation to do so, the maximum liability to the organisation shall be limited to a 80% refund of the registration fee paid at the time of booking, with no additional liability whatsoever to the organisor or any individuals affiliated with the conference in any capacity. 

e. Under no circumstances can the participant lay claim to any compensation from the organisation for expenses made or loss suffered in connection with a decision as mentioned in subsection b of this section.

Section 3. Registration

a. Registration for the event is to take place by means of the appropriate registration form. 

b. The participant can pay for the registration fee either online directly after completing the registration, or choose to pay by invoice. In the latter case, the organisation will send an invoice, that has to be paid within 30 days after the receipt.

c. The registration fees give access to the conference programme and include catering (lunch, coffee and tea and drinks) for the on-site meetings.

d. VAT: the organisation is obliged to charged 21% VAT to participants that come from the Netherlands, to  participants that come from non-EU countries and to participants from EU countries who participate on an individual basis (and do not represent a company). For participants representing companies in the EU it is possible to apply intra-community supply (0% VAT tariff) in case the company's VAT number is provided.

e. Special discounts, deals or voucher codes can not be combined. The discounts can be not claimed retroactively.

f. The organisation retain the right to refuse registration request without giving reasons, even if a registration has been accepted previously.


Section 4. Payment

a. Payment of participation costs needs to take place within thirty days from date of invoice, unless the invoice mentions another due date.

b. If payment of any amount, indebted to the organisation, does not take place within the given time, statutory interest will be charged, starting from the moment the amount has become claimable. Collecting charges will be paid by the participant, taking in account that extrajudicial collecting charges will be fixed at 15 % of the principal.

c. If the amount due is not (wholly) credited to the account at the start of the event, the organisation has the right to recall the allocation already granted, after verbal or written notice and notification of default.

d. In the case participation is given up after being agreed upon and paid for, the participant is not entitled to restitution of participation costs, nor of a part of it.

Section 5. Cancellation

a. In all cases, cancellation needs to take place in written notice.

b. Cancellation in writing (e-mail), effective on date received by the organisation, will be subject to the following deductions. The organisation will retain deposit or cancellation deductions (expressed as % fee of the participation costs) as outlined below.

- before March 1st, 2024: 25% cancellation fee

- between March 1st, 2024 and June 1st, 2024: 50% cancellation fee

- between June 1st, 2024 and September 15th, 2024: 75% cancellation fee

- after September 15th, 2024: 100% cancellation fee

No refund will be made after September 15th, 2024. The full conference fee will be charged in case of no-show on the day of the conference.

c. If the participant cannot take part in the event because of special circumstances beyond the participant’s risk (one thing and another within the discretion of the organisation, excluding disease or epidemic), the organisation can undo the agreement of participation at the request of the participant. In this case, the organisation is entitled to invoice or to keep 20% of the total participation costs. The participant also owes all expenses already made at his request by or through the organisation in connection with his participation.

d. The participant is allowed to send a substitute to replace him or her. No additional fee will be charged for substitutions. 

e. The full conference fee will be charged and needs to be paid in case of no-show or cancellation on or after the conference dates.

Section 6. Liability

a. The organisation can in no sense be held responsible for damage to, or loss of any possessions of the participant, regardless of the event that caused the damage or loss.

b. The participants shall take complete responsibility for compensating the costs of any loss or repair of damage, caused by his doing, to furniture or inventory of the accommodation of the event. The participants are responsible for taking appropriate insurance cover in connection with their travel to and attendance at the conference.

c. The organisation shall not be liable, in any country or court of law, for infringement or third party rights by a participant of the conference.


Section 7. Event recording and copyrights

a. By attending the event, participants acknowledge and agree that they can be recorded on photo and/or video, on-site during a live event and/or online during a virtual event. The organisation may edit and use footage it captures at the conference for marketing and promotional activities and for any other purpose in the ordinary course of its business.

The organisation reserves the right to amend, add or remove any of the above Terms and Conditions or the content of the website in its sole discretion, at any time without prior notice. The Terms and Conditions apply to all event participants.

The organisation will decide in all cases in which this code of practice does not provide

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