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The annual PhD competition is a prominent part of the FIGON DMD programme. FIGON wants to give the best students from the different regions a stage to present their research. 

It is important that candidates from different pharmaceutical and medical research groups from Dutch research institutes compete for the honor and the prizes. 

For this, all institutes in the Netherlands are yearly invited to nominate a candidate who conducts innovative drug research and can present this research. The institutes decide how this candidate is selected. 

When several research schools are located in a region, one candidate per region applies. (Institutes should be in contact with each other about this).

What I can get out of these poster sessions is that I reach the people that I usually don't see in my normal day to day conversations. I can reach more people that I can potentially see as partners for my next research endeavors. 

Participant DMD PhD Student Competition 2021

Nominated PhD Students 2024

Anne de Dreu

Anne de Dreu
TU Eindhoven

Steffie Vonk
Amsterdam UMC

Eline Berends
Maastricht University

Khaled Essa
Leiden University

Bram Agema
Erasmus MC

Hector Franco Loponte
University of Groningen

Joshua Elford
Utrecht University

Radboud UMC

Jury PhD Student Competition 2024

Benien Vingerhoed
Managing Director, FAST

Klaas Poelstra

Ed Moret

PhD Student Competition 2024

Sponsored by Pivot Park


The winners of the PhD Student Competition and the Best Poster Awards received the following prizes:

PhD Student Competition: 

1st prize: € 1,000

2nd prize: € 500

3rd prize: € 300

For the 2023 edition, we had candidates from 9 different institutions from the Netherlands. The winners of the PhD Student Competition 2023 were:

  • Tessa de Vries, Erasmus MC - 1st Place
  • Nadia Baalbaki, Amsterdam UMC - 2nd Place
  • Lisa-Marie Smale, Radboudumc - 3rd Place


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