Aspen API provides complex, high-quality, generic chemical and biochemical Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) worldwide since 1923. We produce more than 50 different APIs, including heparin, hormones, peptides and steroids, helping to improve the health of patients around the world. During the tour, come see how we ensure that our APIs are of the highest quality and meet all set requirements.

Location: Aspen Oss, Kloosterstraat 6 Oss 


InProcess-LSP is an innovative scale-up company, founded by scientists, who previously worked for Organon, and with a strong background in Process Analytical Technology, pharma and the life sciences industry. They are the inventors of a unique nanoparticle analyzer: the NanoFlowSizer. The capacity of nanoparticles to carry out their function is dependent on their size as well as size distribution, which are directly related to efficacy and safety (for patients in pharma applications). This is why the NanoFlowSizer is now used by vaccine manufacturers to monitor the quality of (COVID-19) vaccines. To see how this instrument works and what it looks like, please join the Figon company site visits and meet us!

Location: Pivot Park, Chesbrough building (RK), Kloosterstraat 9 Oss


MSD is the largest and most versatile biopharmaceutical company in the Netherlands, with approximately 5,000 employees and sites in Haarlem, Boxmeer, De Bilt and Oss. At the MSD Biotech Campus in Oss, around 650 MSD employees work in the production and development of biotech medicines for immunotherapy and fertility. At our Biotech Campus we have several labs with different functions – from quality control to development and microbiology/virology. It would be our pleasure to give our visitors a look behind the scenes of biotech production and development!

Location: Via main entrance Organon, Molenstraat 110 Oss


It is time to improve women’s health – also in the Netherlands. This is the reason why Organon recently presented its ambition for a national women’s health plan during the symposium at the start of the 100th anniversary. At the same time, the company is investing around 40 million euros in production in Oss, Organon's largest production site in the world. During a tour you get a look behind the scenes of a new company that started in Oss 100 years ago. And you can see the modern production and high technology for yourself.

Location: Organon, Molenstraat 110 Oss

Pivot Park Screening Centre

Pivot Park Screening Centre provides drug discovery services in the fields of biochemical and cellular assay development, lab automation, Ultra-High-Throughput Screening (uHTS, usually in 1536-well format) and hit-to-lead biological profiling. During the tour you get a look behind the scenes on how we generate 100,000-300,000 high-quality data points per day and how we have integrated Mass Spectrometry in our uHTS system.

Location: Pivot Park, Banting building (RE600), Kloosterstraat 9 Oss

Walk of Fame Pivot Park

Always wanted to know what's happening at Europe’s foremost biopharmaceutical campus behind closed doors? Follow the Pivot Park – Walk of Fame – a route of photos, videos and audio clips by foot – and get carried away in an interactive way by the stories companies at Pivot Park have to tell you. Pivot Park was founded in 2012 to provide the optimal location for innovative pharmaceutical companies. Today, Pivot Park helps early-phase entrepreneurs, fast-growth scale-ups and mature global leaders take their next steps. And about those steps you can learn by following the Pivot Park – Walk of Fame. You will discover companies’ successes, the drive of the companies, groundbreaking researches but also the big part education is playing at Pivot Park. Are you ready to discover how 1.000 employees daily contributes to improve global health? Walk the Pivot Park – Walk of Fame.

Location: Pivot Park, Kloosterstraat 9 Oss



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