Financing the course

The organisation of the Grant Application Course itself does not offer scholarships. However, there are third parties who could help provide the funding.

Please note that you first need to wait until the scholarship has been granted to you, before you register for the course. As soon as you have registered for the course, the cancellation policy (included in the Terms & Conditions) will apply.

There are several options to finance (part of) your participation fee.

Personal Development Budget
As PhD student or postdoc you most likely have a personal development budget and many companies also offer these because employers value the growth and personal development of their employees.

Universities: Many universities also offer these possibilities in differing formats as detailed by the Collective Labour Agreement of Universities such as at the Erasmus University.

KNAW institutes: Furthermore if you are a KNAW employee you can make use of their application form for covering the costs of training programmes.

Grants from your supervisor
Many grants, especially European ones such as the Marie Curie ITN, have training budgets available for personal development. Check with your supervisor for the possibilities.

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