Training and Mentoring programme for 

the Next Generation BioBusiness Leaders in 

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TAP into your full BioBusiness potential!

You  have a profound scientific background in Life Sciences, but in recent years you have transitioned to a more commercial role in which you are responsible for research commercialization, technology transfer, business development or new business creation.

To be successful in this current role, you have to tap into a different skillset, gain other insights and expand your business network. With TAP BioBusiness you will accelerate your professional development as a biobusiness professional. 

For whom?

TAP BioBusiness is developed for junior BioBusiness professionals working in the Life Sciences & Health sector in the Netherlands or Belgium.  Typically the participants of TAP BioBusiness have one of the following roles:

  • Business Development
  • Technology Transfer
  • Venture Capital
  • Start-up founder
  • Consultant

Preferably you have less than 4-5 years of experience in a commercial role and you have the ambition to further develop yourself into a leadership role in BioBusiness.

Why Participate?

TAP BioBusiness will help you to develop quickly in your commercial role in Life Sciences. Whether you are a Business Developer in a biotech/pharma/CMO/CRO, a tech transfer officer at a research institute, financial analyst at a VC or a starting entrepreneur, through this program you will become more effective and productive in your role at an earlier stage, benefiting both your own career and your organization.

In a small-scale setting you will learn from experienced BioBusiness executives, experts and trainers but also from the successes and mistakes of your peers. The intensive programme offers knowledge and insights, inspiring experience stories, interactive feedback sessions, practical case studies and mentoring by seasoned BioBusiness executives with successful track records. The participants will receive advice and feedback regarding the issues they face at work and how to handle these challenges, projects and business relations. The size of the group is deliberately kept small to ensure optimal interaction.

After the TAP BioBusiness training programme, the participants will not only have increased their knowledge and insights, enhanced their personal soft skills, but have also expanded their network with a diverse mix of BioBusiness professionals from the Netherlands and Belgium, coming in handy in their line of job.

There is only room for 15 participants. Start-ups and non-profits get a reduced fee. 


Accelerate your development as young BioBusiness Leader in Life Sciences


Expand your business network in the Dutch and Belgium Life Sciences industry


Get mentoring and coaching from experts and experienced executives


"The TAP BioBusiness training allowed me to learn from an impressive list of leaders in the life science industry, on various aspects I encounter in my daily job. I particularly enjoyed the close interaction between fellow trainees and presenters who were willing to share their stories and expertise." 

Kjell Mortier, Fund Manager Novalis

"The line up of the speakers is brilliant and there is a great value in the whole group. Because there are very smart individuals, they present different perspectives and that makes the whole learning process better and enhances the discussions." 

Lidia Daszkiewicz, Alliance Management Genmab

"Before the course I was considering following an MBA but as this is very time and cost consuming I (kind of) settled for TAP BioBusiness. It turned out to be a hit. I really enjoyed the diversity of the group, the presentations and insights shared and the discussions afterwards. I can only recommend this course! "  

Mario De Witte, CEO Emtex

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