Interested to join the programme and want to know how previous participants experienced the course? Have a look at the video testimonials below from a.o. business developers, investment analysts and CEO’s and hear their opinion on the course.      

Marta Kijanka (CEO, APO-T)

“I would strongly recommend any starting entrepreneur to join the TAP Program. I find it very exciting, it gives the opportunity to not only learn about the key elements of running a business but also substantially extend your network among seasonsed entrepreneurs.“      

Mark Mizee (Business Developer at Innovation Exchange Amsterdam)

"Signing up for TAP BioBusiness was a very interesting way to get a lot of different views from a lot of different leaders in the field on diverse aspects of biotechnology and business. All sessions have had great insights from leaders in the field which all together build up my different viewpoints. For me it was a lot of added value. "      

Thom Frielink (Innovation Advisor, Health~Holland)

"For me it was a super useful course which is very versatile. It touches upon all the different aspects of development in biotechnology. It’s a very nice course, for me a very helpful step in my career."

Alexander Demoulin (Business Analyst at Bioqube Ventures)

"I feel that TAP BioBusiness is a great way to get to learn different subjects in BioBusiness and it’s a great opportunity to get to know some peers in the field across the Netherlands and Belgium. I am very happy I did this course and I learned a lot!"

Lidia Daszkiewicz (Senior Director Immuno-Oncology, OcellO)

"The TAP BioBusiness programme is an eye opener. The lineup of the speakers is brilliant and there is a great value in the whole group because these very smart individuals represent different perspectives of the same ecosystem so that makes the whole learning process better and enhances the discussions. There is definitely a before and after for myself and it is a very enjoyable programme." 

Alex Jones (Business Development Manager at Cristal Therapeutics)

"The TAP BioBusiness course was very useful for me. It was really helpful to brush up on a lot of topics. The most valuable thing for me are the networking opportunities, to meet all the high rollers in Dutch and Belgium biotech & pharma and to meet the people on the course who I have formed a really nice bond with. I think that will be very valuable moving forward with my career." 

Before the course I was considering following an MBA but as this is very time and cost consuming I (kind of) settled for TAP BioBusiness. It turned out to be a hit. I really enjoyed the diversity of the group, the presentations and insights shared and the discussions afterwards. I can only recommend this course!

by Mario De Witte (CEO, EMTEX)
2019 TAP BioBusiness attendee

The TAP BioBusiness training allowed me to learn from an impressive list of leaders in the life science industry, on various aspects I encounter in my daily job. I particularly enjoyed the close interaction between fellow trainees and presenters who were willing to share their stories and expertise. This also helped me to expand my network and get support from seasoned experts in the field, beyond the training. The mentorship program helped me to discuss matters more into depth on a personal level. On top of that, it was fun!

by Kjell Mortier (Fund Manager, Novalis Biotech                              Incubation)
             2019 TAP BioBusiness attendee

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